Kazanie Noel

CEO & Founder of HyperLnx
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HyperLnx was started as a drop-shipping company by our CEO Kazanie Noel as a way to find a way to pave his future through trying times. As a recent high school graduate and before starting HyperLnx, he was very intuitive. Building his first website at the age of 11 led him to join his high school's tech planning committee and programming classes, while still tinkering at home. He helped his parents with their degrees in business, marketing, and nursing at the age of 15.

As the child of an immigrant, life wasn't easy at all, but his family was able to beat the statistic. A year after he graduated high school, he moved in with three roommates. One night he decided he should use his talents to change the world as a New Years' resolution in 2019. Time went on and no ideas came to mind, until April 23rd, 2020.

After Leaving his roommates, life got harder for Kazanie, but he buckled down and started working two jobs— one at a nursing home and one at FedEx. After finally being able to purchase a car, he was told he had 30 days left to stay at a friend's house. The next morning, he was in a wreck; a wreck that'd changed his life forever. He was given a choice— the stimulus check and all the money he saved up for an apartment or a car.

The area he lived in had limited transportation, so not having a car wasn’t ideal. Thus, out of desperation, he searched for hours how to use his skills online. He kept getting ads for Shopify and eCommerce. After a couple of videos saying that all it takes is $1,000 to achieve something profitable with the right targeting and design, he decided to take the risk. He stayed up for countless hours on his laptop, only leaving to use the bathroom and eat. Finally, he built HyperLnx as a clothing store after 3 days. HyperLnx was chosen because it was a domain he had already owned.

On day one of his site's launch, the first order was $164; the second day more than doubled to $500, and by day 7, he was reaching a total of over $2,000. Clothing company HyperLnx was retired due to trademark regulations— drop-shipping high ticket goods, such as a scrappy doo t-shirt which grossed 25k. This was the turning point. The CEO of HyperLnx wanted the vision to be more. Thus, he stepped back to remodel the business structure.

After a few months of creating new stores, testing all kinds of ads, and posting on social media, he met new people and was eventually asked to help a store convert. After that project, he realized that his calling is not for personal gain, but more so for the simple fact, he could help others reach the same satisfaction and stability he experienced. So, he started HyperLnx digital marketing.

Since then, it has opened up opportunities to pursue his passion, meet new people, and give back to the world.

Background Experience

Conversion Funnel Optimization (11 Years)

SEO Optimization (3 Years)

Digital Marketing (9 Years)

Photography (10 years)

Web Development (11 Years)

Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc (8 Years)

MS Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint (15 Years)

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